Archos 1 Vision: Complete Review

Archos 1 Vision: Complete Review

Archos 1 vision is the first in Archos\’ lineup of color-screen MP3/MP4 players. Staying true to Archos\’ dedication to sleek, attractive design, Archos 1 vision is little; you can hide it with a credit card. It\’s light, too; no heavier than a pack of breath mints. What follows is a review of the Archos 1 vision so you are able to make an educated, informed purchasing choice.

The Archos 1 vision is a lot more than just an attractive design with a visual interface; it\’s packed with features. It has a built-in audio recorder so it is possible to record voice memos for later. I completely LOVE this feature since I have plenty of ideas but never seem to have anything with which to write them down! Students may also find this feature useful for recording class lectures (or staying property \”sick\” and letting your classmate record it!). Company experts can use it to record meetings for review later. Or if you meet a pretty lady although going for a jog and recognize you\’ve forgotten your phone, you can simply record her phone number. There are so many uses for this feature, it truly adds a great deal of value to the Archos 1 vision.

It\’s also able to not just playback music files in multiple formats (MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV), and enables you to store and view photos and image files; an extraordinary feature for such a compact device. Images are able to be displayed as long as they are saved in .jpeg or.bmp format, which covers the vast majority of images you will be dealing with.

Aside from its multimedia playback capabilities, it genuinely packs a ton of storage space in such a modest area. With 4GB of capacity, it is possible to store between 1,500 and 2,000 songs. 4 GB is sufficient for tens of thousands of images. And it\’ll maintain you going with 21 hours of continuous battery life, which is actually remarkable for such a tiny MP3 player.

The high-quality, detailed 1.5â?³ color TFT screen displays a menu system which is simple and intuitive. Your music library can be sorted by artist, album, or song title so it is possible to easily discover whatever song you\’re looking for, or queue up a complete album if you\’re in the mood.

You connect the Archos 1 vision to your PC with a simple USB 2.0 connector. It has a drag-and-drop interface which is genuinely as easy as it gets. Archos has actually done a great job on making the system intuitive.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Archos 1 vision. It\’s the perfect combination of sound quality, size, price, and features for an MP3 player.

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