Five Reasons to Add Swimming to Your Exercise Routine

Five Reasons to Add Swimming to Your Exercise Routine


Have you considered swimming, but haven’t taken the plunge yet? Check out these five reasons to make swimming part of your fitness routine.

Swimming is low impact exercise. Swimming is perfect for those recovering from an injury, those who need to protect their joints, and those who want to mix up low impact and high impact exercise. The cool water soothes swollen joints and muscles, and the low impact nature of the sport protects your joints from further injury.

Swimming is a great calorie burner. Put in some time doing the crawl, butterfly, or breast stroke and you”ll burn a lot of calories. The average 150-pound person will burn around 360 calories for every half hour doing the crawl or butterfly, around 330 calories for each half hour spent performing the breast stroke, and about 200 calories for every half hour spent swimming around in a leisurely manner.

You can count on swimming for a complete workout. Try swimming sets of different strokes so you”ll work each of the major muscles groups. The crawl works your arms, shoulders, and legs in a much different way that the breast stroke, meaning you can hit everything from lats, biceps, triceps, pectorals, quads, gluts, and inner and outer thighs with those two strokes alone!

You can swim all year long. Swimming is the obvious choice in the summer, especially over slots running or other super-hot sports. Swiming is a good option in the winter too, when it may be too cold to run or bike outside. On cold winter days, make sure you bring a set of dry clothes and blow dry your hair completely before you leave the gym so you can appreciate the beauty of swimming without getting chilled.

Swimming is inexpensive. If you live in a community with a swimming pool or near a lake, it may even be free for you part of the year. All you need is a swimsuit, a pair of goggles, a swim cap, and a membership to a local pool. Presto! A year-round fitness program at an affordable price.



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