Should You Take Vitamin K Supplements?

Should You Take Vitamin K Supplements?

Have you heard you should take vitamin K? There are a lot of advocates of vitamin K creams and vitamin K supplements, but you’ll want to investigate before you start taking this supplement.

Your body needs vitamin K to grow properly. Vitamin K also facilitates blood clotting. If you eat a typical American diet, you probably get plenty of vitamin K. Animal products such as meat and dairy, are chock full of vitamin K, as are leafy greens. Since you only need a little bit of vitamin K each day, you probably get enough from your diet.

Of course, if your blood does not clot properly, your doctor may recommend you take vitamin K supplements. You can get vitamin K supplements as a pill, capsule, or cream. It is usually prescribed by a doctor and should be taken as prescribed. Newborns are sometimes given injections of vitamin K to correct blood clotting problems.

Some popular reasons for taking vitamin K are the following: circles under the eyes, bruising, and to supplement cancer patients during treatment. Such self-diagnoses should be discussed with a doctor since vitamin K can interfere with other medications. Doctors aren’t sure vitamin K really supports cancer treatments yet. Studies are limited, and conclusions are not yet well supported.

A serious danger is the effect of vitamin K on those who already have a propensity for developing blood clots. Take for instance, the case of someone who uses oral birth control pills and is already at risk for blood clots; this person should not use vitamin K, especially not for something as insignificant as circles under the eyes.

For optimal safety, always talk to your doctor before taking vitamin K supplements.



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