How to Green Your Hair Care

How to Green Your Hair Care

When you take a look at the list of chemicals in your shampoo and hair dye, it is no wonder people are looking at greener options. People are beginning to discover how to put a green spin on their hair care also.

Some people are tossing their shampoos in favor of home made bar soaps. Please note that these are not just your average bar of soap. A lot of care is put into creating a shampoo bar that will nourish hair. Combinations of different oils are added and lye is used to create the saponified soap.  Believe it or not these bars of soap are incredibly mild.  These bars of soap have a lot of glycerine in them, which is great for the hair and skin.

These bars are sulfate and sulfite free and some people find that their hair is much healthier without these chemicals. If you have soft water, it is easy to use these bars. People who suffer with hard water may have to do a herbal tea rinse after they wash their hair to remove any soap residue caused by the hard water.

People are usually used to henna being used as temporary tattoos. Henna when used as a hair dye imparts a very red tint to your hair. This is extremely permanent and basically you will have to cut your hair to get rid of it once it is on. The color of henna on hair can range from orange red to red burgandy depending on the original color of your hair. The more you dye your hair with henna the richer and deeper your red becomes. People that have wild curly hair have reported that their curls have relaxed a bit once they used henna.  And another constant comment was how much their hair shined.

The only color henna can dye your hair is red, so if you see a package claiming to be black henna, or brown henna, don’t purchase it. This may have very dangerous chemicals added to it to create these other colors. Also make sure you are purchasing body art quality henna, as these are the least likely to contain these other chemicals. Henna can certainly dye your hair a great red if that is the color you like in your hair.

It is always interesting to see what is happening in the Going Green trend.  We will see if some of these alternatives catch on. These alternative hair care routines seem to be becoming more mainstream, as you can read about it on boards and blogs. If you are interested in either henna or shampoo bars I would highly recommend doing some more reading on them.  There really is a lot of information out there.


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