Lose Weight Faster By Drinking Healthier Beverages

Lose Weight Faster By Drinking Healthier Beverages

You’ve tried everything, and yet you still can’t lose weight? Most people can cut about 100-250 calories a day just by changing what they drink. The accumulation of these small changes will result in weight loss over time.

Discover how good water can be. Use a filter such as a Brita Filter to improve the taste of tap water. Try different brands of bottled waters (they really do vary in taste), and consider alkalized water, which has a unique taste. If you cut up limes, lemons, or cucumbers and put the slices in your water, you’ll find the taste to be more palatable.

Cut sweeteners out of your hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of weight loss, being empty calories that leave you craving more. Start out by reducing how much sweetener you allow yourself in each beverage. Remember: studies are showing that artificial sweeteners are also linked to weight gain, so don’t turn to this crutch. Focus on the end goal: enjoying your hot beverages without sweetener at all.

Experiment with flavored tea or coffees. For example, try Good Earth Original Blend tea, which is sweet and spicy, as well as flavored coffees. It will take a time of adjustment, but eventually you’ll get used to it.

Refuse to drink soft drinks of any kind. Sugar sodas are full of empty calories–about 140 calories worth in every can of soda. Diet sodas are not the solution, since recent studies have linked diet soda consumption with weight problems. Common explanations are that either artificial sugars interfere with your body’s ability to metabolize calories, or artificial sugars increase your cravings for more sugar. You may find seltzer water reduces your cravings for sodas.

Phase out juice. While the sugars in juice are natural, they are still sugars. The juices supplemented with artificial sweeteners probably aren’t much better for you. If you must have some juice, drink no more than four ounces (usually about 60 calories) at a time.

If you switch your beverage choices to healthy options, you will lose weight and feel better, too.

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  1. Louella Dimock says:

    I believe avoiding packaged foods is the first step for you to lose weight. They will taste very good, but packaged foods possess very little nutritional value, making you try to eat more to have enough strength to get over the day. Should you be constantly ingesting these foods, switching to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more vitality while ingesting less. Thanks alot : ) for your blog post.

  2. Belen Edelson says:

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  3. px90 diet says:

    I had a baby in October of 2005 and since then have gained more weight. My days are really busy so I have this horrible habbit with pop and fast food…yes, I know it’s horrible. I asloo have this horrible craving for salt…??? How much calories, carbs, fats and protein do you need a day as well as water? Can someone tell me how much a day do I need to work out so that I don’t over do it but I shed the pounds fast!.

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