The Importance of Restaurant Reviews

The Importance of Restaurant Reviews

How much stock do you put into restaurant reviews? Does it matter what other people think about restaurants that you want to try? Boy, it sure does to me! Every time a new restaurant opens up in town, I ask around to see how good it is. If I over hear someone talking about one that�s been around a while, I open my ears a little wider and learn as much as I can before giving the restaurant a try.

Some people don�t care about reviews, they just jump right up and dig in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be experimental and give it a try. If you then feel like leaving a review, go ahead, get online and tell everyone what you think about the restaurant.

When it comes to Italian restaurants in South Bend, Indiana, you can go online and find lots of listings with lots of reviews on each one. Some are good and some not so good. If you�re not sure about the reviews you read about, again try the restaurant and then write you own review.

I have been an Italian restaurant fan for many, many years and have probably tried everyone that there is. Carmelas Restaurant is one of the best, serving authentic Italian food. You can settle in for homemade lasagna or pan fried tilapia, both my favorites. Or you can have a blackened chicken club for something tasteful and light. But, the best combination of them all is a portabella mushroom sandwich and minestrone soup. If you are a little on the hungry side, add a side salad of fresh mixed greens, you�ll be glad you did, you tummy and brain will thank you.

And, guess what? Their reviews are great, of course! Give them a try and add to their wonderful reviews!

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