Why Should You Try a Yoga Class?

Why Should You Try a Yoga Class?

Have you ignored yoga as an exercise option, thinking it’ll be too hard, or perhaps not challenging enough? Yoga is an amazing exercise experience, accessible for all ages and levels of ability. Read on to find out why you should get yourself to a yoga class (or try a yoga DVD) today.


Yoga is flexible. Your yoga routine can suit whatever fitness or experience level desired, from novice to expert. Yoga poses can be done in stages. Beginners simply need to hold the easier poses, while those who desire more rigorous training will advance the pose until suitably challenged.

Yoga is a fabulous outlet for stress. Yoga moves engage a powerful mind-body connection that results in lower blood pressure and a sense of calm.

Yoga improves muscle strength. Yoga uses your own body to challenge your muscles, working you much like a strength training routine, only with the advantage of serenity you won’t find in the weight room. Just push yourself hard enough in your yoga workout to produce sore muscles.

Yoga brings with it better heart and lung health. While yoga routines are not aerobic in nature, they do tax your heart and lungs. Take the time to learn the pranayama (deep breathing exercises) and you’ll improve your lung strength even more.

Yoga is great for improving flexibility. Flexibility is what supports good balance. As you get older, you need to spend more time building flexibility and balance.

Yoga can be tackled at any age. Yoga can provide discipline for young children, stress relief for adults, and flexibility training for older people.

Give yoga a shot; you’ll be glad you did.



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